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SEI Club Reviews

SEI Club Reviews


We love to receive and share feedback whilst always preserving members privacy. Find some recent SEI Club reviews from SEI Club members below:

My SEI Club representative was adorable! We had an amazing friendship, she was extremely supportive, open. My relationship with her was something that made me very comfortable since this is such a personal issue (matching me and so forth). She arranged dates with some very good matches that I would never have met directly on my own. It was easy. All the men were attractive and smart. Right now I am dating Mark, and find him perfect so far. He’s a man I just can’t get enough of. I have only great things to say about him. SEI Club really made dating very easy for me. There was no pressure and it has been very enjoyable. It was a great perk that my representative was awesome and was always supporting and helping me. –Stephany


When I seriously began to consider about having a long-term relationship, I contacted the SEI Club team. In the very first meeting with the representative, I knew I was in the right place. She was extremely polite and concerned about me getting the right match. Soon my date was fixed with Alison, who is a well established model, and very serious about her career. I am not exaggerating when I say that she is different. Although from a glamorous profession, she is a very simple, down-to-earth lady with a unique elegance about her personality. What made me extremely happy is the fact that she was not concerned about the fact that she is dating an established person, but was more interested in knowing me as an individual. We are very happy with each other, and in these past seven months of being together, we’ve been having the time of our lives. I am incredibly pleased with my SEI Club experience. It’s an exceptional club for sure. –Jared


SEI Club is amazing! You have the best guys. Thank you for introducing me to Rod – LOVE him! – Natalie


I wanted a relationship, but since I wanted to meet and date women first, I wasn’t sure about joining a club for “matchmaking.” What drew me to SEI Club was the fact that they also introduce men and women who are interested in dating and meeting new people (without having tons of pressure to tie the knot in five minutes). Considering this I got in touch with SEI Club, was accepted for membership and soon became a dating club member. It was great that my dates were matched so I only met women I’d actually be interested in for long term potential. This is a huge time saver and very upscale. – Karl


Greetings to the lovely SEI Club team from Julia! I feel very happy as I write this note of gratitude to you. From the time I seriously started thinking about marriage my friends started telling me to contact an efficient, more elite matchmaking agency. Although very proactive as far as business matters are concerned, I was more shy in the matter of dating people or being proactive about finding true marriage….It took me months to finally contact SEI Club, and the experience was a refreshing one, much better that I was thinking it would be! Your team came up with the best options for me and then you introduced me to Mark. He is a great gentleman, and we are still seeing each other. Well done guys! Coming to you was definitely the right choice.  – Julia


I want thank the entire SEI Club team from the bottom of my heart. Good that you insisted on my meeting Katie – otherwise I would have just missed a great relationship. Thank you! – Shawn


I am impressed with the quality of your service. I specifically approached SEI Club because it is an elite dating venue and I wanted to meet only sophisticated, elegant, established, beautiful ladies. I am happy to say that I not only got what I expected, but much more… you have exceeded my expectations in a big way. – Adam


Thank you very much for Joseph… we are getting married next week, and I could not find a better time or opportunity to thank you. The SEI representative I met has the wonderful capability of understanding what exactly people want. Joseph was my first date through you –amazing! –Sheryl

We will publish additional reviews and testimonials as they come in from members.

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SEI Club Reviews